Born To Be Wild

(I wrote these words standing on the side of my ecstatic dance session, to be delivered at our afternoon Resist Trump Tuesday rally.  But the bullhorn never arrived at the rally and it never made sense to try to shout over the wind and the traffic noise.  So these words will find some life here, with you.)

Most Sundays I attend the Jubilee Community Church – a funky, very liberal, wildly non-denominational group with a Christian heart.  Howard Hanger, the minister, says that he doesn’t call himself Christian because he doesn’t like the things that Christians do in the name of their religion – but that he is a lover of Jesus.  Howard is a jazz pianist and loves good music as part of the service – including lots of music you would not expect in church.

But this last Sunday morning (two days ago) “Born To Be Wild” by Steppenwolf rocked a little hard even for Jubilee.  I loved it and kept chuckling, “We sang Born To Be Wild”! – even though we did only an adequate job of singing it.  This morning (two days later) at Susan Campbell’s ecstatic dance session, she also played the same song!  Rock and roll is almost as rare in the local ecstatic dance scene as in the typical Christian church. I got kind of wild on the dance floor – many or most of us did.  I got happy.jumping

There’s something here for us at our rally.  We can get angry sometimes about what is going on in our country – there’s a place for that.  But we need to not let ourselves get submerged in fear.  We are not meant to be frozen in fear.  We are born to be wild – unrestrained, not to be stopped.  Like Jesus and so many of the other great prophets, we are meant to be unintimidated by the powers that be – to resist: “You may not go here.”resist

The first several times I said that last line – even under my breath on the dance floor – I wept.  

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