Sweet Peace

Peace, sweet peace – where have you gone?
When I look across this great country of ours
Sometimes I cannot find you
When I look inside this vast garden that is me
Sometimes I cannot find you
Back in November, our hopes for peace
Were suddenly and violently snatched from us
And it seems that the shreds of peace left
Have grown more tenuous every day
Foreigners have been made into enemies
Mexicans, our neighbors, have been made into enemies
The press have been made into enemies

Yet there have been moments
of peace and joy and love and happiness
The Women’s March brought us together
In our separate cities
There were our hero sisters who went to Washington
That vast sea of protest and love and fun
Mardi Gras meets protest
And here in Asheville
Ten thousand strong
With our awesome, creative, angry, funny signs
And our sweet pussy hats
Halfway through the march
Patte Vandenberg gave her hat to me
Yes I did for a moment hesitate
But then I snatched it
And wore it proudly and with some merriment

We knew that something important was happening
And that it would not go away after the march
And so it has not
Every time one of us picks up the phone and makes a call
We join in with thousands of brothers and sisters doing the same
The same when we write our postcards
Every time a few of us come together
At a senator’s office or federal building or city hall
To call out for peace and justice
The world becomes more peaceful
Jesus said, when a few of you gather in my name
We bring down the energy of love

Our work is to take to the barricades
Our work is to get arrested when that is our calling
Our work is to sit in and block traffic
And to be very, very noisy
To resist evil is a form of love
We will give “no!” a good name
Without some good, solid no’s
Our yes’s have no meaning
No integrity
To resist is to take a stand
To stand for something
To stand in their way
To stand up to Trump
Stand tall
Rise up
Be proud of who you are
Oh, no they can’t take that away from me
Don’t touch her
Mess with him and you mess with me
Rise up
Say it with me
Rise up
Say it again
Rise up
One last time
Rise up

And so yes, even more than resistance
Our work is to love
Our work is to create peace within ourselves
And then radiate peace to each other
To hug – long sweet tender hugs
To rub each other’s backs
To hold each other while we cry
To love ourselves
To hold our own self tenderly
Like the frightened little child we sometimes are within
If we love ourselves and each other enough
Then when we are lucky
Along with our outrage, our resistance
Out will pour love
First for our people
But then also for their people
Who are certainly suffering too
Even for their leaders
Who are so wrong-headed
Sometimes so full of hate
That they get very dangerous and must be stopped
But then also very, very human
Misguided, wrong-headed, dangerous, destructive
Flawed, lost, hurting human beings

And so tonight
Like the Women’s March
Let us have this be an oasis
A milestone
A touchstone
That feeds us in the work
Let us love ourselves
Take in this music to feed our souls
Let us love each other
Share delicious hugs
Look deep in each other’s eyes
And carry on
Carry on
Love is comin’

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