Press release: “Don’t Screw with Earth Fare!”

At 12 PM sharp this Friday, the Earth Fare Asheville Westgate store will become Ground Zero for the revolution of the American people against corporate greed in America.

Community supporters of the workers of Earth Fare – who have all been laid off, all 40 stores across the Southeast, effective two weeks from now – will be gathering at the Westgate store for a dance flash mob in the store and a dance party and rally at Westgate Plaza.

The Westgate Earth Fare store – the flagship store of the whole chain, the “hippie store” that was always allowed to maintain its unique character as all the other stores got more corporate – is a central part of the culture, the heart, of Asheville.  The robber barons are attempting to not only harm the lives of 200 employees (at this store alone) – they are taking away from us a store that has a life of its own, that really kinda belongs to us, too.

We aren’t going to take this sitting down.  In fact, we are going to stand up and dance!

Organizer: Majo Madden

Contact information

  • phone: 828-582-9822
  • email:
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter: @madden_majo
  • Activism blog (Westgate Initiative info):
  • Grocery store blog: Real Life in the Checkout Line,
  • Personal blog:

Dear media contact –

We think we can get a lot of people out for this – like fill that parking lot.

We see there being national news organizations covering it – and it drawing the attention of nationally known politicians and media figures. We will continue doing at least the parking lot part of this party every Friday at noon until every last beloved Eath Fare worker has a new job.

We will be featuring the music of Michael Franti and Alecia Keys – why not them? They both have heart for this issue. We are also featuring a wonderful song by maybe Asheville’s newest minister, Amy Steinberg of Jubilee. (Check her great music out on Pandora and Spotify.)

resist big smile


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