Friday – today!
noon sharp
Earth Fare Westgate Store: 66 Westgate Pkwy Asheville NC 28806
12:00 – dance flash mob in store
Majo is positioned by cash registers, starts music.  Dancing begins gradually all              through the store – builds – continues for four songs.
12:15 – end dancing like nothing ever happened, move to exits
12:20 – dance party in parking lot – through 1:15?

Organizer: Majo Madden  resist big smile

Contact information

  • phone: 828-582-9822
  • email:
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter: @madden_majo
  • Activism blog (Westgate Initiative info):
  • Grocery store blog: Real Life in the Checkout Line,
  • Personal blog:

video update 2/7/20

Thursday announcement

Thursday press release

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